Create safe airspace.

The leading airspace management provider that public entities and commercial enterprises trust to coordinate operations and keep airspace safe.

Productivity at New Heights

Organizations use our dashboard to solve unique airspace challenges, creating time and cost-saving efficiencies. The unified view of airspace traffic is complemented by automated workflows and intelligent flight-approval logic.


Airports and other government agencies monitor and maintain the safety of low-altitude airspace and mitigate risk to aircrafts, providing safer and more reliable operations while saving time and money.

Safety & Protection

First responders and defense agencies respond faster and more strategically by deconflicting situations, and knowing where they can fly and deploy safely in critical conditions.


Energy, infrastructure, telecommunication and logistic companies manage drone operations, replacing cumbersome processes to lift productivity.

"With better visibility of our airspace and a streamlined authorization system we’ve achieved cost efficiencies and improved safety."

Special Flight Office, USA Airport.

Operational Efficiency on the Fly

Airports, governments, public safety and defense agencies get immediate visibility of what’s above them to de-risk situations while saving time and money.

Streamline flight requests within your airspace and communicate directly with drone operators.

Automate workflows to create time & cost efficiencies.

Respond swiftly in emergency situations, and understand where you can fly and deploy safely.

Act quickly and effectively in critical situations.

Identify unauthorized flights, and avoid accidents with other drones and aircrafts.

Improve safety with situational awareness.

- 12 comprehensive and easy-to-use APIs

- Contextual airspace rules and advisories

- Elevation data, weather conditions and more

- Secure flight data exchange

Elevated Safety, Security & Privacy

We help companies understand flight data, comply with airspace requirements, navigate accurately and account for complex conditions to develop leading-edge business offerings.


Manage the airspace around your assets to prevent in-air complications and coordinate operations.


Monitor airspace traffic around your assets to prevent unauthorized flights and secure your property.


Safeguard your privacy by creating restrictions and rulesets around important assets.

Own Your Airspace

"We’ve achieved great cost savings since our flight approval times have reduced from weeks to minutes."

Special Flight Office, USA Airport.

Take flight with leading UTM technology.

Enhance Visibility - Leverage the reliable and comprehensive airspace data and digitized rulesets that power our dashboard to avoid accidents and monitor who’s in your airspace.
Streamline Operations - Use our online approval workflow to save time by providing seamless communications and authorizations to UAS operators.
Respond Faster- Whether it’s an emergency, conflict, hazard situation, or an unauthorized flight, react in near time with our live traffic monitoring feature to complete your task safely.